Historical figure Alvise Pisani

Born in: 1664  - Died in: 1741
Alvise Pisani was the 114th Doge of the Republic of Venice from 17 January 1735 until his death.

Like all Venetian 18th century doges, Pisani thought more about arranging parties and managing day-to-day administration without facing international problems.

Son of Gianfrancesco and Paolina Contarini, was a wealthy man even though he was accused of being stingy(wrongly considering the great expenses he faced during his reign) he always tried to mimic the king's style without ever reaching it enough to be called "the poor prince". Ambassador to France, Austria and Spain, was often wise and well advised. Runnnig for the doge's position in 1722 and 1732, in 1735 he was the only candidate and he spent so much bribing  the possible 41 voters who was elected unanimously. He was married to Elena Badoer.
On January 17, 1735, he lived at Palazzo Ducale with his family. The festivals for his election were magnificent and numerous sonnets were made in his honor. The only remarkable thing about Venice, in that period of decadence, according to some chroniclers, was the carnival. On the other hand, there was also a great freedom of expression comparing it to the standards of the time). Pisani spent those years of government carefree; aging his health conditions worsened. Starting in 1736, thanks to the introduction of new types of ships, called "atte", with a small crew and many cannons as defense, the economy improved significantly after the severe crises of 1733 and 1734. In May 1741,he tooka few months of rest in a villa on the mainland and, just when the doge was about to climb into the gondola to get away, he felt sick and had to be brought back to the palace. He died on June 17, 1741.

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Villa Pisani

 Via Doge Pisani, 7 - 30039 Stra - Venice

Villa Pisani, also called the National one, is one of the most famous examples of the Venetian villa of the Brenta Riviera; rises in Stra, in the province of Venice, and overlooks the Brenta Canal.... see

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