Historical figure Bragadin

Born in: 0  - Died in: 0
Legend has it that the Bragadin family came from Veglia (current Krk), of which they were lords, and lists them among the twenty-four tribune houses that elected the first doge Paoluccio Anafesto. Other traditions claim that they arrived in the lagoon in the 1800s and that, originally called Barbalin, changed surname and coat of arms in 890.

Remained in the patriciate after the closing of the Maggior Consiglio, the family was always represented in the highest offices of the Republic of Venice, especially between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but also gave numerous clergymen and men of culture.

Among the many illustrious personalities, we mention Vittore, defender and then reconquest of Verona during the war against Filippo Maria Visconti; Andrea, distinguished in the grip of Cyprus; Marcantonio Bragadin, distinguished in the defense of Famagusta against the Turks; Domenico, reader of philosophy, theology and mathematics, teacher of Luca Pacioli; Alvise, who opened a famous Hebrew typography.

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Relais Villa Fiorita

 Via Giovanni XXIII, 1 - 31050 Monastier di Treviso - Treviso

Villa Fiorita is a historic 18th century residence restored in 2001 immersed in the greenery of a centuries-old park in Monastier di Treviso. see

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