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At the foot of the idyllic vineyard under the famous windmill of Retz lies one of the gems of the region: the Althof Retz. Once the castle and founding point of the city, today it represents a fusion between tradition and modernity. The charming inner courtyards of the hotel invite you to linger and relax. On the hotel terrace of our restaurant in the manor surrounded by arcades, as well as in the romantic courtyard of the castle - marvel or dream. From the beginning of 2016 Althof VinoSPA offers over 1,000 square meters of wellness on 5 levels.

Althof Retz, Landgut & SPA History

The Althof is located at the foot of idyllic vineyards, under the famous windmill, in the Land of Retzer - an area of ​​great natural beauty.

As a former castle strongly linked to the roots of the city, tradition and modernity merge with much love for details.

The lovely inner courtyards invite you to relax: moments of pure relaxation on the hotel terrace surrounded by arcades or in the romantic courtyard of the castle.

The city Retz was founded 700 years ago. The founder was the Count of Thuringia Berthold von Rabenswalde, who was married to Countess Wilbirgis. The city was just what it was inside the city walls.

Some settlements with parishes had already existed in the north of the city before the city was actually founded. These old settlements have been called "Old Town Retz" for at least 500 years, although they were not really part of the city.

This settlement was a crossroads of two medieval paths. One, the "Rittsteig", came from Krems and forked in Znaim in the two directions Iglau and Brünn. The second, the Thayatal path, extended from the east over Raabs to Budweis.

The Counts of Hardegg, Otto and Konras von Plain, had already taken the toll at that intersection before the city was founded. Therefore at that point there was a court exempt from all taxes. To protect and protect this court, the Counts of Hardegg built a castle on the hill.

In 1425 the castle, just like the rest of the city, was destroyed by the Hussiten (Taboriten). A door to the west was still recognizable among the ruins of the castle. This still visible gate is no longer in its original state. It was probably destroyed by the Hussitens and rebuilt years later.

The old site of the castle was rebuilt in a courtyard (Meiereihof) in the 16th century. The remains of the great tower probably formed the round tower that still exists.

On the northern side of the ancient inner city walls (at the same height as the reception) you can see a small patch of chalk. This point dates back to the foundation of the castle. The plaster is an indication of the wealth of the Counts, who did not simply build a castle not plastered at the intersection of the two merchant paths.

After the city was founded, the castle became the northwestern corner of the city fortification. For the southwestern corner of the city fortification, the counts founded the Dominican monastery including the church. There was a courtyard where the castle is now (south-east corner of the city). This courtyard was rebuilt in a new castle in 1500 and the Althof, the former area of ​​the castle, remained a courtyard.

In 1989 the conversion of the Althof into a hotel began.
Since 1992 the Althof has functioned as a hotel - and has also become part of the training center of the Retz Intercultural Hotel Management School.

The Ipp family rented the Hotel in 1997 and have been continuously expanding and improving it ever since

Althof Retz, Landgut & SPA

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Hollabrunn
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Althof Retz, Landgut & SPA
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Althof Retz, Landgut & SPA
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