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Hörtenberg Castle stands in the heart of Bolzano as an exclusive guest house of great charm housed in a Renaissance castle surrounded by four imposing towers. Following a meticulous renovation, the Podini family - owner of the structure - has restored the imposing manor to its former glory. The structure offers 21 suites, all different, distributed on four floors. Another 3 suites are located in the newly built pavilion, with a modern and linear style, created in the garden, among century-old trees, flowering shrubs, classicist sculptures and a heated swimming pool.

Castel Hörtenberg History

The rich history of Hörtenberg Castle began more than 500 years ago, when Leonhard Hiertmair arrived in Bolzano and transformed the estate located in Dodiciville, one of the city's oldest quarters, into a stately palace.

For this important gesture towards the mercantile city, Leonhard Hiertmair was elected mayor four times and in 1584 was granted a noble title by the emperor: his surname changed from Hiertmair to "von Hiertenberg" and later to "von Hörtenberg". In 1682, due to the lack of male heirs, the castle was purchased by Hieronymus Giovanelli, whose family was the wife of the last of the Hiertenbergs. From now on the family of barons is called Giovanelli and, with the approval of the emperor, Giovanelli von Hörtenberg zu Gerstburg.

Hörtenberg Castle remained in the possession of the Giovanelli family until the 20th century. Its political and social position in South Tyrol made the residence an important landmark for Bolzano. The Giovanelli family personally and financially supported the Tyrolean wars of liberation, and in 1808-1809 Hörtenberg Castle became the headquarters of Andreas Hofer, commander of the Tyrolean uprising.
At the turn of the 19th and 20th century Baroness Maria Giovanelli von Hörtenberg zu Gerstburg married Baron Ludwig von Fuchs. Thus Castel Hörtenberg became property of the Barons von Fuchs and a few years ago it was sold to the Podini family.

Today Hörtenberg Castle is a modern, lively place where exclusive comfort, aesthetic sensitivity and excellent service meet. A place where there is no place for nostalgic sentimentality, but where you live the present. In its most beautiful form.

The cuisine we find here is a reinterpretation of that of the Alto Adige region in a Mediterranean key. Local products are blended with Mediterranean ones.  A cuisine for international guests that attracts with simple and natural tastes. The raw material is processed in a simple and artisanal way in order to enhance all flavors to the palate.

South Tyrol's winemaking tradition takes shape in the basement of the castle. There, where intimacy and conviviality come together, and scents and flavors give life to one of life's pleasures. Here you can taste a careful selection of local wines and you can also in addition taste the niche "Cantina Ampeleia", a true corner of Chianti wines in the heart of Bolzano.

Hörtenberg Castle also offers a modern wellness center with spa, fitness center, and sun terrace. The area is ideal for exploring with bicycles provided for hire.

Castel Hörtenberg

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Italy, Bolzano
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Castel Hörtenberg
  Via Monte Tondo, 4 - 39100 Bolzano
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Castel Hörtenberg
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