Schloss Feyregg

Pfarrkirchnerstraße, 1 - 4540 Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall - Steyr   see map - Contact
Feyregg Castle is located in the parish of Pfarrkirchen near Bad Hall in the district of Steyr-Land in Upper Austria

Schloss Feyregg History

The first owner in 1170 was Otto Sunn, who was still resident in a court called "Feuerhube". This belonged to the princely Hofmark Hall. This was followed by his son Heinrich Sunn, who in 1234 latinized Ignis (= fire). The last family named Walter the Fire (Walter dicti fevr) sold the residence of Helmhart supporters in 1378, followed by Peter follower 1400-1408 of Köppach castle. On the way to marriage, Feyregg joined his daughter Barbara in the trailer with Eberhard Sinzendorfer († 1416). This was loaned in 1404 by Duke Leopold IV of Austria with the seat. But it was only in 1408 that Peter, the followers of Schloss Mühlgrub, issued Feyregg. After his death, his son Siegfried took over Feyregg's first marriage. From 1430 only the headquarters Feuereck (= Feyregg) is mentioned. 1469 is here called Christoph Sinzendorfer. The widow Amalie ceded the property to her son Christoph in 1485.

The daughter Dorothea Leonhard Sinzendorfer married in 1560 with Wilhelm Wiellinger of Au, who obtained half of the property; the other went to his brother Balthasar, who was also married to a Sinzendorferin. The successor of 1566 was the wealthy citizen Steyr Achaz Fenzl. Hans Fenzl's daughter, also called Dorothea, married Georg Schütter von Klingenberg. Schütter cultivated his estate and in 1631 the Abbey of Spital am Pyhrn bought the Feyregg estate and turned it into a summer residence for his Pröbste. 1717-1733 Feyregg was rebuilt by the foreman Johann Michael Prunner in a baroque palace. A well-known plasterer who worked at the castle was Johann Peter Spatz (1652). After the dissolution of the pen, Feyregg came from the Benedictines of San Blasien. These were later transferred to Carinthia.

After the abolition of the monastery in 1807 Feyregg was incorporated into the religious fund and sold in 1812 to the wholesale merchant of Linz Franz Planck, whose descendants possessed Feyregg until 1905. Then Feyregg came to Caroline von Teuber and his sister Helene Baroness von Ludwigstorff, followed by Josef and Karoline von Teuber (1912) and since 1937 the Harmer family. Since the 1970s the south wing has been transformed into a castle.

Schloss Feyregg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Steyr
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Schloss Feyregg
  Pfarrkirchnerstraße, 1 - 4540 Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall
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Schloss Feyregg
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