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Immediately above the mouth of the Steyr in the Enns rises Lamberg Castle on a higher cliff, which still dominates the urban landscape of Steyr. The complex is the opposite of the imposing parish church to the west. In the middle, the old town of Steyr stretches along the lower terrace of the Enns.

Schloss Lamberg History

From the Styrapurch to the Lamberg Castle: today's building dates back to the so-called Stirapurch, or the castle on the Steyr, first documented in the traditional Passau book in the message on the Synod of Mistelbach (this 977 or between 985 and 991 have taken place) is called. In fact, the castle was probably built around 900 during the Hungarian storms to guarantee crossing the border.

One of the most important owners was Johann Maximilian Reichsgraf von Lamberg. He was instrumental in the formation of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, which ended the Thirty Years' War, and contributed significantly to the increase in book stocks in the castle library. The Baroque reconstruction took place between 1728 and 1731 under the direction of Franz Anton Reichsfürst von Lamberg.

The castle remained in the Lamberg family until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1938, all the properties belonging to the old Steyr estate, including the castle and extensive forest holdings in the Enns and Steyr valleys, were acquired by the Lamberg castle after the annexation of Austria by the German Reich.

Due to the provisions of the State Treaty, in 1955 all the properties that made up the former "German Property" became the property of the Republic of Austria. Due to requests for restitution, the Vollrat Graf Lamberg of 1956, there was a multi-year legal dispute. This ended in 1961 with a comparison: Johanna Lamberg as the only heir after Vollrat Lamberg's death gave up the requests for restitution and received an agreement of 800,000 shillings. Since then, Austrian Federal Forestry for Lamberg Castle and associated forests are responsible

Schloss Lamberg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Steyr
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Schloss Lamberg
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Schloss Lamberg
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