Historical figure Filippo d'Alençon de Valois

Born in: 1339  - Died in: 1397
Filippo d'Alençon de Valois was a cardinal and French Catholic patriarch. He was the second son of Count d'Alençon Charles the Magnanimous (brother of the French king Philip VI of Valois) and Maria de la Cerda, daughter of Ferdinand II de la Cerda.

He was very young when he began his ecclesiastical career: he was elected bishop of Beauvais (1356), then archbishop of Rouen (1359) and in 1375 he was appointed Latin patriarch of Jerusalem and apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Auch.
Resolute supporter of Pope Urban VI against the antipope of Avignon Clement VII, (one of the few high French prelates to line up with the Roman headquarters) came from the latter deprived of the benefits and forced to move to Rome. Urban VI elevated him to the dignity of the cardinal in the consistory of 18 September 1378 as cardinal presbyter of Santa Maria in Trastevere.
He was a papal legate in Flanders in 1379 and in 1380 he was promoted to the rank of cardinal bishop of Sabina. He also lived a parenthesis (from June to August of 1380) as governor of Spoleto.
His appointment as Patriarch of Aquileia (1381) caused serious discord in Friuli and the outbreak of the war of succession to the Patriarchate of Aquileia, whose main reason was the dissension between Udine and Cividale for matters of commercial interest, linked to reasons of city prestige and familiar. The Patriarch sided openly with Cividale, provoking the furious reaction of the Udinese, who forced him to flee from the Patriarchal State. Filippo managed to return to the head of an army hired by Francesco da Carrara but then, judging the ungovernable situation, he resigned, accepted by the Pope (1387). In the meantime the patriarchal coffers had completely emptied and the state budget was in a dramatic situation.
He was reinstated by Boniface IX and appointed bishop of Ostia: he did not participate in the conclave of 1389 but was linked to the new pontiff from 1387 to 1390 in Germany. Philip participated in the canonization of St. Bridget of Sweden in 1391. He corresponded with the University of Paris to put an end to the schism. He was also archpriest (from 1378) of the Vatican Basilica and from 1394 Dean of the Sacred College.
He died in Rome at the age of 59 in the odor of holiness and was buried in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

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