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the Dalla Rosa Prati is a noble Parmigiana family, awarded the title of Marquess of Collecchio, Collecchiello and Madregolo. The origins of the family date back to the fifth or sixth century, when the Prati resided in the area of ​​Sassuolo. They moved to Parma at the end of the 12th century.
In the fifteenth century the Parmigiana family of Prati consisted of men of law, including a Gaspare jurisconsulto di vaglia and his son Bartolomeo (1471 - 1542) collegiate doctor, former student of the famous Sceva de Corte in Pavia; at the death of the latter a monument was erected in his honor in the Cathedral of Parma. The historical coeval Angelo Mario Edoari Da Erba placed the Prati among the noble families of the time.
In the seventeenth century the Prati were awarded the title of Marquis of Collecchio; to that period belongs the figure of Antonio Maria, notary and procurator, as well as writer, poet and author of sacred subjects.

In the fifteenth century the Dalla Rosa were important politicians. The most illustrious figure was Scipione Dalla Rosa (around 1470 - 1550), an extraordinary legacy of the community of Parma before Pope Clement VII and then to Paul III; in 1507 he married Caterina in second marriage, the sister of the abbess Giovanna Piacenza, of which she became administrator; under this name he called Correggio to Parma for the decoration of the famous Chamber of the Abbess; he also built the tribune above the high altar of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata at his expense.

Around 1600, during the Duchy of Ranuccio I Farnese, the daughter of the Marquis Marcello Prati married the Marquis Pier Luigi Dalla Rosa, who added to his surname that of his wife's family, inheriting the title.

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