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The Cappello (sometimes also Capello) were a Venetian patrician family, counted among the so-called New Houses. The Cappello would have come to Venice from Capua in the year 900, while others would have them descend from a family of Roman patricians who had fled from southern Italy at the time of the Saracen raids.

This house is traditionally attributed to the construction of the church of Santa Maria Mater Domini, in the Santa Croce sestiere, originally erected, around 960, as a female monastery dedicated to Santa Cristina.

Present in Maggior Consiglio already before the lockout, they remained there even after 1297. In 1229 a Giovanni Cappello, Procuratore di San Marco, is attested. In 1540, instead, the Knight and Procurator Antonio Cappello was awarded by Emperor Charles V of the dignity of count of the Sacred Palazzo Lateranense and of the Imperial Hall (title transmissible to his dynastic line).

In 1780, the family had two Senators and four "Titolati di Pregadi" in Venice, and was divided into seven different branches. At the fall of the Serenissima, in 1797, appeared among the houses still registered with the Maggior Consiglio.

The Austrian imperial government recognized their nobility patent with the Sovereign Resolutions dated July 30, 1809; December 30, 1817; 1 January, 8 October and 28 December 1818 and 9 March 1826. Today the Cappello family has moved away from Venice and has spread to the Veneto region. We remember the Cappello family from Treviso and Verona, whose last exponent Virginia married the noble engineer Pietro Zorzi and resided until his death in the Villa Monastero di Parona in valpolicella. The descendants of this branch Zorzi (both the noble Theodora and the noble Giovanna) merged into the family of the Franchini Stappo counts and it is possible to find a Cappello crest in one of the gates of the Franchini Stappo palace in Florence. Now the family in society no longer matters but for the people it will always be a fantastic thing to remember this great family in the times to come.

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Villa Cappello o villa Imperiale

 Via Roma, 184 - 35015 Galliera Veneta - Padua
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Villa Cappello, also known as Villa Imperiale because summer residence since 1858 of Ferdinand I of Habsburg and his wife Empress Maria Anna of Savoy, is the pride of Galliera Veneta, in the... see

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