Historical figure Guglielmo I Bevilacqua

Born in: 1272  - Died in: 1335
William I Bevilacqua was an Italian leader. He was the son of Federico Bevilacqua, a trusted man by Mastino I della Scala.

Originally from Ala, where he worked in the wood trade with Verona, thanks to his friendship with Guglielmo da Castelbarco, he entered the graces of the Scaligeri, lords of Verona. In 1311 he accompanied Cangrande I della Scala to Milan for the coronation of Emperor Henry VII.

He took part in the siege of Brescia, the Guelph city, where Walramo, brother of Henry VII, died in 1311. In 1312 he welcomed the exiled Dante Alighieri to the court of Verona. In 1332 he was named "general factor" of the Della Scala. For the services rendered to the lords of Verona, he was allowed to place the scaligero rampant red dog in the crest of the shield.

In 1336 William built the castle of Bevilacqua, a fief of the family, to defend himself against the powerful families of the Carraresi and Estensi families. In 1335 he held the office of governor of Parma, when the city passed under the domination of Verona. Here he died in 1335 and was buried in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Verona.

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Castello di Bevilacqua

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