Historical figure Ludovico Spada Veralli Potenziani

Born in: 1880  - Died in: 1971
Ludovico Spada Veralli Potenziani was an Italian nobleman and senator.
Ludovico Spada Veralli Potenziani, prince of Castel Viscardo and son of Senator Giovanni Potenziani, was an expert in economics, agriculture and industry. At the beginning of the twentieth century - sensing the potential of the research of Nazareno Strampelli - he gave a gift of land near Rieti where he conducted experiments of hybridization of wheat. He participated in the First World War and joined fascism from the beginning.

He worked hard for the development of the Reatino and was the patron of the creation of the Sabine province in 1927. He was appointed governor of Rome in 1926, and promptly executed the lines indicated by Mussolini in the urban management of the capital. However, the unjustified slaughter of the 58 plane trees in Via Veneto, the expenses considered excessive for the construction of the new Via del Mare, in addition to the slowness with which the work proceeded, combined with the embarrassment that his conduct created with the Holy See, pushed Mussolini to "resign" it in 1928. The prince learned that "the Duce had accepted his resignation" while he was on a cruise off the coast of Neptune. In fact, Potenziani had requested a divorce from his first wife and ordered and had a fountain built in Piazza dei Quiriti considered "scandalous" due to the presence of four female nude statues.
His complaints to Mussolini, however, did not find the head of the hostile government. In fact, Potenziani was appointed senator on February 26, 1929, and therefore he was president of the International Institute of Agriculture since 1933.
During his parliamentary activities he served as Member of the Agricultural Commission from 17 April 1939 to 5 August 1943. He was declared a senator on 26 January 1946 after being referred to the High Court of Justice for sanctions against Fascism on 27 August 1945;
On February 2, 1903, he married Maria Papadoli Aldobrandini and later Sita Halenke.

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