Historical figure Luigi Giusso del Galdo

Born in: 1784  - Died in: 1859
Born in Genoa, the twenty-two year old Luigi, second son of Girolamo Giusso, after a stay in Livorno landed in Naples in 1808 and in a few years, with the help of his friend Carlo Forquet partner in the company "Forquet and Giusso", became a point of reference for the commercial, industrial, banking activities of the whole Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Among the many interests of Luigi Giusso, especially the oil trade, exported also abroad from the ports of Puglia, without neglecting the industrial activities such as the sugar factory derived from chestnuts, opened in Naples in 1812, and then to follow the filande in Vico Equense and glassworks in Salerno. However, where the Genoese entrepreneur (of whom Francesco Giusso describes the complex family events and the two marriages) was the financial field, where he emerged as one of the most enterprising and far-sighted bankers of the time. He was among the supporters of the development of the railway network in the Kingdom, with the signing of numerous shares of the Naples-Castellammare-Nocera line. The main dwellings in which the Ligurian entrepreneur lived, including Palazzo Giusso in Naples, from 1932 the seat of the L'Orientale University, and Vico Equense: the former hermitage of Astapiana, purchased in 1822, and the Castle, acquired in 1837 , where the rich owner received visits from illustrious guests such as Leopoldo II Grand Duke of Tuscany.
In 1853, Pope Pius IX conferred the title of Conte, and later in 1857 King Ferdinand II of Naples, that of Duca del Galdo, inherent the ancient fief of the area of ​​Sicignano degli Alburni, a town in which Luigi Giusso held the castle medieval, then donated to the Salerno municipality in 1984 by its descendant Giannandrea Giusso.

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