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Noble family from Trentino. The castle of Madruzzo, on the heights that flank the lower Sarca, gave rise to a first family of the same name, known to us since 1155. But it took over in the '300, assuming also the surname, the lords of Castel Nano in Val di Non , which in the 1500s came to high fame. The first great character was Cristoforo di Giangaudenzio and Eufemia Sporenberg, born in that castle in 1512, and created bishop of Trento in 1539, administrator of the bishopric of Bressanone in 1542, cardinal in 1543. In 1567 he ceded the Tridentine church to his nephew Ludovico and , although pentitosene, remained in Rome, dying in Tivoli in the Villa d'Este on July 5, 1578. Successive to Bernardo Cles, the Madruzzo wanted to emulate him in pomp; Political, loyal to Austria, in 1540 he went to Charles V in Belgium, in 1541 on behalf of Ferdinand I of the Romans in Venice, he intervened in the Augusta diet, was made in 1556 by Philip II lieutenant and governor of Milan, after the departure of the Duke of Alba: but his administration was severely judged. At the same time, managed to settle the dispute between the House of Habsburg and the court of Farnese, Pius IV appointed him bound in the Marches (1561). But the most resounding event of his bishopric is the opening of the famous council in Trent in 1545, to which the cardinal participated with a combative activity.

Ludovico, born in Trento in 1532 from Niccolò, brother of Cristoforo, man of arms and politics, governor in Pavia and commissioner in Monferrato. A student in Louvain and Paris, he had already been linked to the Augusta diet and ambassador to France, when in 1561 he became a cardinal. Like his uncle, he took part in the Council of Trent, and in 1567 he gave him the bishopric of his hometown. But, reluctant to recognize the interference of the archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol on the principality of the Tridentine, he was forced to repair in Rome, whence he returned only after the mediation of 1578. He was repeatedly bound in Germany. But he lived for a long time in Rome, imposing himself in seven conclaves. And he died in Rome on April 20, 1600.

Carlo Gaudenzio was born in Issogne in Val d'Aosta in 1562 by Gianfederico, a warrior against the Turks, the ambassador of Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and the emperor Rodolfo II, married to Isabella di Challant, heir to many properties in Piedmont and Lorraine . He studied in Ingolstadt, graduated in Pavia, in 1595 he was consecrated titular bishop of Smyrna and acted as coadjutor of the uncle, who then succeeded. In 1604 he obtained the cardinal's purple. He died in Rome in 1629.

Carlo Emanuele, son of Emanuele Renato, reflected in the name of good relations that his father had with the Savoy court. He was born in 1599 and studied in Munich, Ingolstadt and Perugia. Coadjutor of uncle Carlo Gaudenzio at 21, he subdued him in 1629, until his death on December 15, 1658. His government was stained by long and vain attempts to obtain from the Roman curia, because the family was not extinguished, the legalization of his loves with Claudia Particella. And it was a serious scandal. A dull name was created around the prince bishop, who was able to indulge in fantastic legends.

A branch, perhaps illegitimate, of the Madruzzo family took the predicate of Ebenhaimb and gave men of value in the field of weapons, starting with Paolo Madruzzo, buried in 1570 in S. Maria di Rovereto.

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Castel Toblino is one of the most famous and evocative castles of Trentino. A rare and splendid example of a lakeside castle, it now houses a renowned restaurant with a unique atmosphere. see

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