Historical figure Pio-Enea-I-Obizzi Pio Enea I Obizzi

Born in: 1525  - Died in: 1589
Pio Enea I Obizzi was an Italian nobleman. Son of Gasparo degli Obizzi and Beatrice da Correggio, in 1563 he married Eleonora Martinengo and later Anna Da Passano. He had three children, Roberto, Livia and Obizzo. He was a man of arms, Marquis, he was attributed the invention of the hips, which, according to this attribution, would have taken its name from him, while in reality the howitzer (hofunice in Bohemian) dates back to the Hussite Wars, antecedents of a century.

In 1570 he built the Castello del Catajo, located in the Paduan municipality of Battaglia Terme. He was also a condottiere of the Republic of Venice (at that time Serenissima). It is part of the Obizzi dynasty.

Pio-Enea-I-Obizzi Pio Enea I Obizzi Visited places

Castello del Catajo

 Via Catajo, 1 - 37041 Battaglia Terme - Padua

The majestic princely residence of Beatrice degli Obizzi with its 350 rooms is located in the province of Padua, inserted in the suggestive hilly landscape that surrounds it. see

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Location for Ceremonies and Conferences, Park / Labyrinth / Pond / Garden

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Italy, Padua