Historical figure Raffaele Conforti

Born in: 1804  - Died in: 1880
Raffaele Conforti was an Italian politician and patriot and senator of the Kingdom. Son of Calvanico, Raffaele Conforti was a prominent figure in the Risorgimento and the unification of Italy. Attorney General of the great criminal court of Naples, in 1848 he was appointed Minister of the Interior in the constitutional government of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies presided over by Carlo Troya. After the coup of May 15, 1848, when Ferdinand II dissolved the democratic parliament and replaced the constitutional government, on 1 October 1849 Conforti, who had managed to get away from Naples, was sentenced to death in absentia.

Refugees in Piedmont he practiced as a lawyer in Genoa and Turin. He was elected Deputy of the College of Broni in the Subalpine Parliament of Turin. He supported the Expedition of the Thousand. He returned to Naples after the amnesty granted to the exiles by Francis II, on the eve of the arrival of the Garibaldi's. During the dictatorship of the general he was appointed Minister of the Interior, and in this capacity he organized the plebiscite in Naples and it was he who presented the result to Vittorio Emanuele II.

He was Minister of Grace and Justice in the Governments Rattazzi I and Cairoli I, senator since 1867 and vice president of the Senate. His son Luigi was a poet and a historical essayist.

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