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The first records of this family date back to 1300. Originally from Monte Petriolo and Cibottola, castles of the countryside of Perugia, it had as its ancestor a Lemme, father of Cecco. Valerio di Cecco transplanted the family to Perugia and obtained his citizenship on 6 April 1408. Bernardino Rossi, following his marriage to Angelica, the only daughter of the Scotti counts of Perugia, inherited the name, the title, the substances and the coat of arms ( 1655) and a Giovan Battista, nephew of the previous, following the marriage with Countess Vittoria Sozi, inherited the ancient fief of Baschi.

The family is registered in the official list of Italian nobility with the titles of counts of Montepetriolo, nobles of Perugia, nobles of the counts of Montepetriolo. In the nineteenth century stand out the figures of the poet Luigi, the writer and scholar Giovanni Battista and the painter Lemmo (Perugia 1848 - Rome 1926)

Lemmo Rossi Scotti, son of Gaspare, who had been a pupil and friend of T. Minardi, was trained at the Accademia perugina under the guidance of S. Valeri, then he moved to Rome to complete his training. He devoted himself to a very fruitful production of paintings inspired by military themes of the Risorgimento, supported by a uniformity of intonation and style, less present in tests of another kind. Beginning with the episode of the Battle of Custoza, which he presented in Milan and Rome in 1879 (Rome, National Gallery of Modern Art), he participated in exhibitions with similar subjects, treated with a convincing narrative style (General Kellerman's office at Marengo, exhibited in Milan in 1887). He was also a good portrait painter (The Prince of Naples, exhibited in London in 1888) and did not neglect fresco painting (lunette in the Great Hall of the University of Perugia) and landscape painting, to which he dedicated himself above all to the Society " In Arte Libertas ", of which he was one of the animators. The friendship with the protagonists of this group and with the English painters linked to it favored the creation of exchanges between Rome and Perugia, where the artist periodically hosted friends in his villa in Santa Petronilla.

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