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The Zane were one of the oldest patrician families in Venice, listed among the Longhi. Some reporters consider them related to the Ziani, but others make them from Eraclea, passing from there to Malamocco and then to Venice in the ninth century. Here they contributed to the construction of the church of Santa Maria Mater Domini.

Like many other patrician families, the family divided into several branches distinct from the parish of residence: there were thus the Zane of Santa Maria Mater Domini, the Zane of San Stin and the Zane of San Paternian.

The Zane di San Stin resided in this parish since the thirteenth century, being in fact documented that Nicolò Zane of San Stin was elected in 1276 Procuratore di San Marco. In the same church they built a family chapel, designed by the architect Domenico Rossi.

Among the illustrious members, there is an Andrea Zane, called Andriolo, who defended Treviso from the Hungarians. His was the palace located on the bank of the Carbon, at San Luca, then passed to the Corner of Piscopia, and then to the Loredan. In 1361, it hosted the court of the Duke of Austria who came to visit Venice.

In 1628 the Zane di San Stin also inherited the riches of a Giustinian branch, among which the San Moisè theater stood out. The Zane administered the structure for about a century, organizing the first representation of L'Arianna di Monteverdi (1639). In one of the buildings they owned, in San Severo, there was the study of Baldassarre Longhena, who did not pay rent because "proto" (or master builder) of the Zane.

In reference to the enormous patrimony of the family, a way of speaking had even been coined: with the haver de ca 'Zane a great wealth was indicated in the sixteenth century.

Their weapon brought back a flying fox (in Venetian archaic zana)

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