Historical figure Beatrice del Portogallo

Born in: 1504  - Died in: 1538
Beatrice d'Aviz, or Beatrice of Portugal, infanta of Portugal and Duchess of Savoy, was the wife of Charles II of Savoy. She was the daughter of Manuel I of Portugal and of the second wife Maria of Castile. On March 26, 1521 the contract of his marriage to the Duke of Savoy Charles II was concluded in Lisbon after long negotiations.

In the contract of March 26, 1521 the dowry was then agreed in money and in precious, silver vessels and other goods, for a total value of one hundred and fifty thousand ducats of gold of good weight. The greatness of the Portuguese king was certainly no greater than that of Charles II, who had much less to oppose the glories of African American Indian Americans than Emanuele, and even less he could oppose when, starting from 1519, he married Eleonora of Austria in a third wedding. sister of Charles V, he became acquainted with the emperor. However, the Duke and his small State were not a thing of the past, they also had a rich history behind them and, among other things, a rich history of illustrious kinship: Filiberto II, Duke of Savoy between 1497 and 1504, had married Margherita of Austria, the only daughter of Emperor Maximilian, as Charles II recalled at the Châteaufort. At the Portuguese wedding of the Duke, from February 1520, Charles V was also interested by his chancellor Mercurino Arborio di Gattinara, and then personally, in the spring of 1521, and he became interested in Pope Leo X.

The marriage was celebrated in Villefranche-sur-Mer, on October 5th of the same year. He often moved between Geneva, Nice, Turin and Rivoli. On April 3, 1531, he received as a gift the county of Asti which he held until his death by inheriting it to his only surviving son Emanuele Filiberto I of Savoy, Duke of Savoy and pretender to the Portuguese throne in 1580. The other eight children died all at an early age.

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