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The Acciaioli family (also Acciaiuoli, Acciajuoli, Accioli or Accioly) is one of the most famous families in Florence. A branch of the family had numerous feudal lords and was very influential in the Kingdom of Naples and some members also became sovereign of the Duchy of Athens.

Originating from Brescia, the patriarch Gugliarello was a guelph fleeing who moved to Florence in 1160, where he enrolled in the Art of Cambio. He probably marketed in steel and for this he would have nicknamed Acciaiolo, from which the family's surname.

In 1282 they founded a commercial company that became very wealthy and powerful and was the foundation of family fortune. As the Bardi and Peruzzi sister companies they had offices throughout Europe and lend money to important figures of the time.

In fact, during the 14th century, they become bankers of the Angevins of the Kingdom of Naples, the Pontiff, the Order of the Gerosolimitans, In 1345, the defeat in the war against Lucca, also funded by their bank, led the family on the verge of bankruptcy. The company had to be liquidated with serious economic and political strides.

A branch of the family has been established since the 14th century in Naples, where, thanks to the links with the reigning familily , gained  power and wealth, like Niccolò Acciaiuoli who became Grand Siniscalco of the Kingdom of Naples.

In 1388 the branch of the family of Neri Acciaiuoli I bought the noble title of the Duchy of Athens, which remained to the family for about a century until Francesco Acciaiuoli II lost the duchy after  the conquest of Sultan Mehmet II.

In Florence, members of the family occupied the highest political positions, with priors, gonfaloniers of justice and consuls of the Arts, while numerous and important members were also religious officials.

They joined the Albizi and then the Medici, with the marriage between Laudomia Acciaioli and Pierfrancesco de 'Medici, forming the branch from whom Cosimo I and Granduchi descended.

The last representative of the family was Nicola Acciaiuoli, son of Giacinto Emmanuele and Marianna of Antonfrancesco Acciaiuoli, who died in Venice on January 27, 1834.

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