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In 1712 the Chigi had the titles of marshal of the Church and of guardian of the Conclave, which became hereditary in the family. The Chigi branch of Siena descended from Benedetto Chigi who lived in the 15th century. His most notable representatives were the musician and politician Scipione (1584-1633) and Carlo Corradino (1802-1881), officer of the Sardinian navy, later governor Elba on behalf of the Grand Duke of Tuscany (1840-46), fighter of Curtatone in 1848 and senator of the Kingdom of Italy since 1860. Starting from his son Fabio (1848-1906) the branch assumed the name of Chigi-Saracini- Lucarini.

The coat of arms that today identifies with the commercial image of the company's production, collects the emblems of the four families who alternated or integrated into the property, through family relationships or following the most disparate historical events of the Farms: it was in the XII sec. that these nobles of Germanic origin and already feudal lords of the Maremma, came to Siena.

The dark brown, reproduced in the lower part of the emblem, is the emblem of the Saracens, to whom the property was sold in the 18th century. from the Piccolomini. The six-peaks mountain surmounted by an eight-pointed star is the emblem of the Chigi family. The Chigi family acquired the nobility thanks to the mediation work carried out at the papal court, subsequently receiving the name and the Della Rovere crest. The uprooted oak is, in fact, the last element that completes the Chigi-Saracini coat of arms.

Count Guido, last and only heir of the heritage that included the "Fattorie", a great lover and music lover, decided to donate all his assets to the foundation he founded, the "Accademia Musicale Chigiana".

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In the magnificent setting of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, among the Chianti vineyards, hills of blond wheat and rows of cypress trees, stands Castel Monastero, a medieval village... see

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