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The origin of the Counts Cortesi is Germanic: the Cortesi milt against the Goths under Belisario, lieutenant of Justinian, around 550 d. C. and stopped to live in the Ancona area having the dominion over the three Castles that they built after the year 550. Count Perio Cortesi built the castle of Falconara, Count Uranio Cortesi that of Varano, while Falcone Cortesi erected the castle of Sirolo. This is the tradition that refers to the story written by Pietro Graziani, who lived at the end of the fifteenth century and husband of Diana Cortesi.
There is also the hypothesis that the name of Cortesi derives from the curtes of which they came into possession: the Cortesi would belong therefore to the rural nobility.

They were also proponents of Monte Conero, where they had founded two Abbeys, on which they maintained the Jus Patronatus, or they elected the abbot, and the bishop of Ancona confirmed it. In the year 1038 the count Ugo di Mezone of the Counts Cortesi together with his wife Adelasia, Amezone (or Amizzo) of Maurizio and Uffredo (or Aufrido) of Amezone donated to the abbot Benedictine Guimezone the abbey of San Pietro with lots of land and woods surrounding. They also donated a church dedicated to San Benedetto, and the caves annexed to the monks, of which there are no traces left, and the Abbey of Santa Maria di Portonovo to some canons, together with the prebends of this bishopric with all the lands, and farms.

Gentile, Pietro, Rinaldo, Ugolino, Guido, Dr. Fingiguerra of his son, and Matteo of his nephew, voluntarily on November 3, 1225 ceded and donated to the city of Ancona the castles of Sirolo, Varano and Falconara, provided they were ascribed to the nobility anconetana, and could enjoy public offices, honors, etc., and were exempt from all taxes, duties and taxes. All came to them with the highest pleasure accorded. The family died out after 1600.

They also had a weapon: "[...] they wore for their family's weapon a counting Crowned Falcon with wings open from the middle up, and not all extended, and from the middle down a Varus, which are semi-circular curved lines. Alludendo to their weapon, they put name to the two Castelli they founded, Falconara and Varano, and they added between the Falcone, and the Varo, the Mountain of Ancona, because still of it they were gentlemen [...] ".

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