Historical figure Giovanni Anguissola

Born in: 1514  - Died in: 1578
Giovanni Anguissola was an Italian leader. He was the son of Gian Giacomo Anguissola, count of Piacenza and Angela Tedeschi. In 1541 he entered the service of Pier Luigi Farnese, duke of Parma against the Roman family of the Colonna family.

On 10 September 1547 he wounded the Farnese to death by throwing his body into the castle moat. The conspiracy was also planned thanks to the support of his brother-in-law, Aloisio Gonzaga [1], Marquis of Castel Goffredo and Ferrante I Gonzaga, at the time governor of Milan.

From 1550 to 1558 he was chosen by Ferrante I Gonzaga and cardinal Ercole Gonzaga to hold the position of administrator of the fief of Castiglione, Castel Goffredo and Solferino after the death of his sister, the marquise Caterina, who had held the government on behalf of the three minor sons Alfonso, Ferrante and Orazio Gonzaga. He was appointed governor of Como, where he died in 1578.

His figure in 1839 was recorded in a drama in five acts written by Felice Turotti entitled Il conte Giovanni Anguissola.

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