Historical figure Lantieri di Paratico

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The Lantieri (or Lanthieri, or Lanteri) are a noble family with various ramifications.
Lantero was Count of Romagna in 1193. The family moved to Milan, then spread to Liguria (Lanteri di Ventimiglia), to Brig (Lanteri della Briga), near Brescia (Lantieri de 'Paratico) and to Gorizia in 1450 with Antonio (a direct branch of the Brescian family Lantieri de 'Paratico), where in 1560 Baroni of the Empire and in 1642 Conti dell'Impero, Coppieri hereditary of the county of Gorizia and Supremi Falconieri della Carniola and Marca Slava became. In the seventeenth century they had their own Regiment of Corazzieri "Lantiery" distinguishing themselves against the Turks under Eugenio di Savoia and among whose heads the General Federico Lantieri was mentioned.

Of them remain important traces to Vipacco, like the hunting lodge "Belvedere Lantieri" of Zemono, built in 1683 and entirely frescoed by Venetian workers with landscapes and coats of arms linked to the family's history. Also in Vipacco, Lorenzo Lanthieri bought in 1565 the castle of Tabor, of the fourteenth century, already belonged to the patriarchs of Aquileia. In Gorizia instead we find the Palazzo Lantieri, called Villa Schoenhaus when it was still owned by the Counts of Gorizia and Tirolo, before moving on to Antonio Lantieri di Paratico, first of the Lantieri of Gorizia.

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Palazzo Lantieri

 Piazza Sant'Antonio, 6 - 34170 Gorizia - Gorizia
Palace/Villa, Wedding/Convention/Concert location

Palazzo Lantieri is located at number 6 of Piazza Sant'Antonio in Gorizia; built around 1350, near the eastern gate of the city, it defended the entrance itself. The palace was the guest house of... see

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Hotel, Location for Ceremonies and Conferences, Restaurant

Time period
Middle Ages

Italy, Gorizia