Historical figure Venier

Born in: 0  - Died in: 0
Venier was a patrician family of Venice. It is one of the oldest houses in the city: some traditions consider it native to Vicenza, others even from the Aurelia gens. What is certain is that the presence of the Venier is documented only from the eleventh century. After the Fourth Crusade they obtained the lordship of Cerigo and Paro and, with the Martinengo and the Lion, the castles of Zemonico and Sanguinetto.

Although a branch moved to Candia had participated in the island's anti-Venice revolt, the Veniers of Venice remained always loyal to the Serenissima and had prominent roles in political life (they gave three doges to the city) . Others became personalities of the cultural world. They were also the builders of the church of San Zan Degolà.

Venier Visited places

Ca' Zane Martin

 Via Argine Sinistro, 105 - 30031 Dolo - Venice

Beautiful Venetian villa of the 1400s, Ca 'Zane Martin has rediscovered its ancient splendor thanks to a recent restoration and now houses a refined 4-star hotel restaurant, perfect location to... see

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Bar / Café, Hotel, Location for Ceremonies and Conferences, Restaurant

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Italy, Venice