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San Giovanni, 2 - 39040 Val di Funes - Bolzano   see map - Contact
The Ranui farm is the ideal place for those in search of peace and relaxation and want to explore the wonders of the natural landscape during hikes, for example to discover the pastures of Funes or the Adolf Munkel Path, destinations reachable in less than 2 hours of walk.

Ansitz Ranuihof History

The Ranui farm is one of the oldest farmhouses in Val di Funes, already mentioned in 1370 in an official document by Berthold von Gufidaun. Probably Ranui was initially a farmhouse owned by the Lords of Gufidaun; In 1665 the farm Ranui was bought by the innkeeper and merchant Michael Jenner (1637-1723), who turned it into a hunting lodge and added a tower, making it a popular meeting point for hunters.

For a full 109 years the house remained the property of Michael von Jenner, precisely until 1744 when his niece Barbara von Mayerl, born Jenner von Seebegg and Vergutz sold it to Anton Runggatscher (originally Widmann and Hurbacher zu Albions). The Runggatscher family has owned the farm for 10 generations or 260 years.

In 1682 Michael Jenner had the frescos in the first floor corridor depicting hunting and cooking scenes. The current owner, in collaboration with the Bavarian Messerschmitt Foundation, presided by dr. Hans Heinrich von Srbik had important restoration works carried out in 1983, carried out by the Cultural Heritage Division of the Province of Bolzano.

Next to the house is the little church of San Giovanni built by Michael von Jenner in 1744 and there is no hiker who does not remain fascinated by the sight of the baroque church with its bulb-shaped bell tower. The church is available to be used for weddings or private ceremonies.

Ansitz Ranuihof

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Bolzano
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Ansitz Ranuihof
  San Giovanni, 2 - 39040 Val di Funes
  +39 0472 840506

Ansitz Ranuihof
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