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The Circolo dell'Unione, historical club for gentlemen of Milan, has its headquarters inside Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda. Founded in 1841 by a group of Milanese aristocrats on the model of the "Jockey Club" in Paris, it now has more than 600 members, all strictly men.

Circolo dell'Unione Milano History

The Circolo dell'Unione was born in Milan on May 28, 1841 at the initiative of a group of young Milanese aristocrats who ten years earlier had left Lombardy, at the time under the administration of the Austrian Empire, to repair in exile in Paris and London. In these cities they had been able to get to know and appreciate the realities of the clubs and once they were repatriated they thought that the clubs that had so much importance in the social fabric of the great European capitals prospered in the land as well.

The two main promoters of the initiative were Prince Emilio of Belgiojoso d'Este and Giovanni Resta, both founders of the Jockey Club of Paris, who were able to gather thirty members, many of whom returned to Milan after the amnesty granted by Ferdinando I d Austria in 1838.

The first seat of the club was at the Casa Morandet, in the current Via Verdi, and after two years he moved to Via Manzoni as well as in English clubs the rooms were reserved for members only, with a library where you can browse the numerous foreign newspapers, gambling halls, lounges where conversing and cooking service.

In 1848 the circle closed on the provision of the viceroy Arciduca Ranieri given that the anti-Austrian activities of the club also continued with plateaus initiatives, and then reopened in 1859 after the abandonment of Milan by the Austrians.

After having changed several locations, in the 80s of the last century the Club moved to Via Manzoni, where it is still housed today.

Circolo dell'Unione Milano

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Milan
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Circolo dell'Unione Milano
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Circolo dell'Unione Milano
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