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In the transition area between the historic city center and the painters' quarter, there is a fabulous building on one of the old city walls. Built in 1901 as accommodation for the Geology Department of the University of Groningen. Together with the Physics Laboratory, which was built by the same architect, this Mineralogical-Geological Institute, known locally as 'Vlintenhoes' but today as 'the Castle', dominates the view of the corner of Westersingel, Verlengde Visserstraat and Melkweg. This neo-Gothic building with the Foucault tower and its famous pendulum, the hall with geometric patterns and Escher's ceiling, the stairwell with stained glass windows, the pointed Gothic windows and the richly decorated stairs are an architectural attraction, a museum in its own right.

Het Kasteel History

Hét Kasteel is right next to Noorderpoort Healthcare & Welfare and the Physical Laboratory of Rijks Universiteit, also called Natuurkundig Laboratorium. Years ago, the writer W.F. Hermans lived in Hét Kasteel for a while. Until the 1990s, the University of Groningen owned Hét Kasteel, but in July 1996 Noorderpoort took over the care of the building. The development of Dutch knowledge and history are historically intertwined with the building, which only strengthens the unique character of Hét Kasteel.

Hét Kasteel is a unique and beautiful venue for meetings, trainings and other business and/or festive gatherings. This conference and assembly center is located just a stone's throw from the city center of Groningen. With no less than eight different rooms, 'Hét Kasteel' offers an exclusive and inspiring environment for every occasion.

The monumental building has a multifunctional purpose. The museum hall has been converted into a modern conference room and very representative meeting rooms have been furnished. The renovated central hall can be used as a reception area.

Het Kasteel

Time period
  • 1900s
  • Netherlands, Groningen
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Het Kasteel
  Melkweg, 1 - 9718 Groningen
  +31 50 368 8434

Het Kasteel
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