De Silveren Spiegel

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De Silveren Spiegel - the Silver Mirror - offers traditional Dutch food in a beautiful setting of a 17th century building. The history of the building and restaurant dates back to the Dutch Golden Age, and De Silveren Spiegel's elegant rooms, left intact in their original state where possible, certainly fit its fairy-tale name.

De Silveren Spiegel History

Elegance, tradition and hospitality are the main characteristics of one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, de Silveren Spiegel (The Silver Mirror). The restaurant dates back to the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th century, and the entire building has been kept in its original state so you can experience the atmosphere of this period.

The restaurant has never been as renowned for its delicate approach to traditional Dutch cuisine as it is under the current ownership of the Familie van der Hoff. You will enjoy dining in the style of centuries of tradition and in tune with the cycles of the seasons.

This rich cuisine, traditionally characterized by healthy, creative and sustainable dishes, is perfectly suited to the restaurant de Silveren Spiegel.

You will therefore always find at least one dish on the menu that fully respects the principles of Dutch cuisine, which consists mainly of local seasonal vegetables. prepared without any artificial additions, with as few animal products as possible and according to the principles of "head to tail" and "no waste". Good for people, animals and the environment.

The cellar is very rich, with a selection of over 200 fine labels, including many rarities from around the world.

De Silveren Spiegel

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Netherlands, Haarlem
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De Silveren Spiegel
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