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Schloss Fuschl is a castle in Hof near Salzburg in the Austrian province of Salzburg and is located on Lake Fuschl in the Salzkammergut. Built in Renaissance style, it served as a hunting lodge from the fifteenth century and now houses a luxurious five-star hotel

Schloss Fuschl History

Fuschl Castle was probably built in the mid-fifteenth century during the reign of the archbishops Sigismund I von Volkersdorf (1452-1461) and Cardinal Burkhard von Weißpriach (1461-1466) and served as a hunting lodge. The exact construction period is not known. The first written mention of a hunt for the archbishop prince dates back to 1545. Under Archbishop Wolf Dietrich in 1593 the residence was extensively repaired (construction of water pipes, houses for hunting dogs, sheepfolds, cleaning). The bailiff of the Altentann office had to teach the sheets for the announced archbishop. There you are. also the documents of a large-scale hunt under the Count of Lodron of Paris (1619-1653) from 1624. 1669, the castle was judged well preserved and preserved; it was inhabited only by the archbishop and his court. In 1704, the palace was adapted as an apartment for the hunter, who had previously lived in the Herrenkuchl.

In 1803, the dissolution of the imperial spiritual principality of Salzburg led to the end of episcopal rule. Salzburg arrived after five changes of ownership in 1816, finally, in the Austrian empire, and then in the Fuschl castle; It is managed by the Salinenamt Hallein. It fell noticeably because it was used as a residence for foresters and was not maintained. In 1833 the castle was advertised at the auction, but found no buyer. Therefore it had to be rented until 1851. In 1864, it was purchased by the commander of Linz's ship Michael Fink, who had already acquired possessions of the Rif Castle. He was followed in 1873 by the inheritance by his daughter Amalie and her husband Michael Erl, chief Bavarian royal auditor (military prosecutor). He supplied the castle Fuschl with numerous paintings and partly precious furniture, but since the end of the Second World War they are traceable. In 1894 the property was owned by Colonel Alfred von Erl, who lives here during the summer months. In 1910 the Fritz and Babette Steinbacher couple from Munich followed; This was followed by the brothers Eduard and Martin Mayer, Postwirt in Hof. They sold the possession in 1929 to Gustav Edler von Remiz and his wife Hedwig (a niece of the German industrial tycoon August Thyssen).

1939 was over the diversion of a foundation, the castle (House of the Fuschl Foundation) was illegally rented to the Reich Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop. When the rightful owner, Gustav Edler von Remiz, a friend of Ribbentrop's brother-in-law Stefan-Karl Henkell, protested against the expropriation, he was interned in the Dachau concentration camp (also because of his active membership in the "Patriotic Front"), where died August 29 He died in 1939.

In 1945, a US military house was founded here. 1947 was the first provision for Mrs. Hedwig von Remiz and their co-heirs. At that time even a hotel business was occupied in the castle. The Countess of Harriet von Walderdorff led here since 1954 as a tenant in a castle hotel. In 1959 Carl Adolf Vogel bought the castle and invested extensively. Through elaborate public relations measures, the Schloss Hotel has become world famous.

The building is now a historic building and was completely renovated in the period from January 2005 to June 2006. Inside the castle, only a small historical substance of the times of the archbishop's hunting lodge has been preserved. The basement still preserves 16th century vaults. Individual ceilings with exposed beams, door frames and stucco mirrors recall the previous times.

Since 1947, Schloss Fuschl has been a hotel. In the years 1955, 1956 and 1957, Sissi's films were partly filmed with Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Böhm. It was used as a replacement for Possenhofen Castle on Lake Starnberg.

From 1958 to 1974, the new owner, Consul General Dr. h. c. Carl Adolf Vogel with his wife, actress Winnie Markus, a first-class hotel. Through sumptuous public relations events, the castle hotel Weltruhm enjoyed and hosted guests such as Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev, Anwar as-Sadat, Jiang Zemin, Queen Sirikit of Thailand, Baron Rothschild, Elenor Roosevelt, Prince of Monaco, Begum Aha Khan, Clark Gable, Richard Nixon, Oskar Kokoschka, the sheikh of Kuwait, as well as the high nobility of Europe.

In 1974 the castle became the property of Max Grundig and the Max Grundig Family Foundation (MGS). . From May 2010, the Hotel Schloss Fuschl is again listed in the luxury collection of Starwood hotels.

In addition to the current tower of the castle and its annex, the hotel complex also includes some historical annexes of the palace complex, such as the Jägerhaus, the Remise, the dock (cafeteria), as well as a largely discreet housing complex and modern bungalows in the style of the Salzkammergut dockside wooden architecture ajar. The resort also includes the Sheraton Salzburg

Schloss Fuschl

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  • 1400s
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Schloss Fuschl
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Schloss Fuschl
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