Historical figure Dentice

Born in: 0  - Died in: 0
Originally from Amalfi, in 1200 it was listed among the feudal lords of the Kingdom of Naples. From Amalfi he moved first to Sorrento, where he was admitted to the patrician of Seggio di Porta, and then to Naples, where he enjoyed the honors of the seats of Nido and Capuano. In 1565 it was admitted to the order of Malta. From a branch of the Dentice family some illustrious musicians and music theorists came out between the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the fifteenth century, Accadia was inhabited by peasants who cultivated small parcels of land owned by the local duke. Later Accadia became the property of Bertrando dal Balzo, then of Giovanni Scotto, and again to the Zuncolo family, until arriving at the Baronia di Trevico. After the many alternations Accadia was given as dowry to Margherita Recco, who joined in marriage with Count Carlo Venato Dentice, belonging to a noble Neapolitan family. On the death of Margherita Recco (1701) the duchy of Accadia passed to its last owner the Marquis Roberto Dentice (Rome, 2 January 1928).

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Castello Dentice di Frasso

 Via Sant'Anna, 2 - 72012 Carovigno - Brindisi

The Castello Dentice di Frasso, historic home dating back to the Norman period located in the Alto Salento, dominates the town from its highest point; The Castle is open to the public for... see

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Middle Ages

Italy, Brindisi