Cascina Lago Scuro

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Dating back to the 18th century, Cascina Lago Scuro is an imposing complex immersed in the green Lombardy countryside in Stagno Lombardo, between Cremona and the banks of the Po. Today it houses a B & B and a restaurant, with a cuisine based on the farm's products. garden and dairy.

Cascina Lago Scuro History

Cascina Lago Scuro, in Stagno Lombardo, in the province of Cremona, is an ancient and imposing court farm, one of the many farms that over the centuries have transformed the poor lands of the Po Valley into one of the most fertile and productive areas of the world. A large farmhouse in which up to the fifties lived a hundred people but that, like many other similar structures, was gradually abandoned by the inhabitants looking for work in the cities.
The history of the farmhouse underwent a turning point in 1990, when the Grasselli family moved there, restoring life to the ancient atmospheres and traditions by organizing a farm, a dairy, a restaurant and a b & b. The manor house, the farmer's house, the stables, the church, the tower and the houses are filled with life and work: at the Lago Scuro the cows are left to graze freely as before and the milk production still follows the order natural of things, we eat the seasonal products that the garden of the farm offers, all in compliance with the dictates of organic farming, without the use of fertilizers or chemical fertilizers and during the summer the kitchen is invaded by pots that they boil to make vegetable jars in oil and fruit jams.
The Cascina Lago Scuro restaurant has 40 seats and offers a fixed tasting menu that respects the seasonality of the products, with dishes that reflect the genuine flavors of the past.
Guests can stay in the three rooms of the Bed & Breakfast located in the cloister where once the monastery was located: furnished in a sober and elegant, overlooking the garden with ancient trees where stands the monumental cedar of Lebanon of 200 years. There is even a nursery school, also very popular with families in the city, where the children eat the organic products of the farm, milk the cows, learn how to make bread, work in the vegetable garden and, above all, play in a lucky place.

Cascina Lago Scuro

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Italy, Cremona
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Cascina Lago Scuro
  Via Pagliari, 54 - 26049 Stagno Lombardo
  +39 0372 57487

Cascina Lago Scuro
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