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The Grand Casino Baden is located in the Austrian town of Baden, is one of the oldest Austrian casinos dating back to 1934. Baden bei Wien, this is the Austrian name of the city of Baden, stands in a landscape full of vineyards 30 km from Vienna. The city is famous not only for its casino, but also for its Roman baths and the famous opera house.

Casino Baden History

The story began with the emperor Franz Joseph I who, after an effective treatment stay, chose Baden as the regular summer resort of the imperial family. Subsequently, the city of Baden became a summer resort and resort much loved by the nobility and the bourgeoisie.
In the years from 1884 until 1886 the building was rebuilt according to the project of the two architects Eugen Faßbender and Maximlian Katscher. Instead of the old Teresian bath in the health park, a new neo-Renaissance style health building was built. A cultural jewel is certainly the painting on the ceiling "Igea" created in 1886 by Professor Hans Zatzka. The painting is located in the lavish party room of the Congress Casino Baden. Igea is the Greek goddess of health and daughter of Asclepius, the god of medicine.

In Baden's thermal baths, water is a central element. During the renovation of the years 1992-1995 the artist Manfred Welte dedicated three fountains to the water: the illuminated jet fountain on the terrace, the "Urquell" fountain in the restaurant hall - which is an artistic jewel with 932 pieces of glass and a retractable granite sphere - and the granite fountain in the shape of the casino logo with a rotating sphere located in front of the building.

The casino in Baden was inaugurated on 12 April 1934 in the nursing home as the first gambling house open all year in Austria. During the Second World War the casino was closed. After the end of the war, the building was used as a Russian occupation headquarters, therefore gaming activity was not resumed until 1955. In 1968 the casino was transferred to the congress center.

From 1968 to today, there are more than 12 million visitors, among whom there is no shortage of personalities from the world of show business and politics, both Austrian and international. Since 1977 the casino in Baden has undergone several renovations. During the major renovation of the years 1992-1995 the casino was moved to the event hall in Baden. In March 1995 the casino in Baden was inaugurated again as the largest casino in Europe together with the event and congress center. In 2007, the games room and the restaurant area were modernized.

The game offer is very wide, inside the casino is divided into two areas, the Jackpot room consisting of 69 slot machines, 1 Black Jack table and 1 American roulette. And the classic casino room with an assortment of 169 slots and 28 gaming tables including Black Jack, easy hold'em, tropical stud poker.

Casino Baden

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  • 1800s
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Casino Baden
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Casino Baden
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