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Defining the Mazzolini Giuseppucci Pharmacy a treasure trove of art is reductive. It is certainly one of the most beautiful examples of Neo-Gothic furniture in Italy dedicated to a pharmacy but at the base of its conception, it resides a marriage between art and Masonic philosophy that has no equal. Subjected to tuela of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, it presents an exceptional iconographic richness linked to the world of natural sciences, pharmacy and alchemy. The wooden furnishings of Adolfo Ricci, in maple and ebony, completely cover the walls and the ceiling. The shelves hold around 230 bottles and 90 original vases of the period.

Farmacia Mazzolini Giuseppucci History

The historic Mazzolini Pharmacy, as we know it today, was born in the late nineteenth century, when Ermogaste Mazzolini (1849-99) inherited the spezieria of his father Perseo, located in the middle of the medieval city center of the "City of paper".

The history of this monument is also the story of a community, which over the years has chosen it as a reference for the care of its health and likely place of election for meetings of secular, scientific, political, Masonic intellectual circles.
Ermogaste, in fact, is not only a trained pharmacist, but also a man strongly involved in the city's political and cultural life; actively participates in the overwhelming ideological ferment that will lead to the unification of Italy and closely follows the progress of experimental science that are rapidly revolutionizing the quality of everyday life.

When in 1892 the Perugian sculptor Adolfo Ricci was called to Fabriano to hold the chair of Intaglio in the Royal Professional School of Arts and Crafts, between the two men, fervent patriots and both belonging to Freemasonry, a partnership was born to give life to a great project. Between 1895 and 1896 Ermogaste decided to renew his pharmacy and commissioned Ricci to decorate the furnishings, with the ambitious aim of erecting a small temple to experimental science and its illustrious interpreters.
Ricci will make it his masterpiece: the entire surface - walls, ceiling and counter - is covered with wood carvings in maple and ebony executed with the most varied techniques (from the round to the bas-relief), which through portraits and allegorical scenes illustrate the achievements of scientific progress between the 18th and 19th centuries; the spirit of its representations makes this place a secular and contemporary counterpart in a provincial town like Fabriano, which has always been subject to papal power.

The creator of the iconographic program of furnishings remains unknown to this day, although some hypotheses attribute the paternity to Giuseppe Bellucci, a distinguished chemist and ethnographer from Perugia, then rector of the University of Perugia and an acquaintance of Ricci.

The heart of the pharmacy was then the galenic laboratory, in which to devote himself to the preparation of drugs and remedies of all sorts. To this end, Ermogaste had equipped himself with a set of exemplary substances, as evidenced by the rare collection of porcelain vases and pharmacy containers which he commissioned to manufacture Ginori di Doccia. Ermogaste Mazzolini died unfortunately prematurely in 1899 and it is not known whether he could admire the work of Ricci. A celebratory portrait in the pharmacy suggests that the works were completed after the death of the client.

In 1932 the heirs of Mazzolini sold the pharmacy, which finally, after several management, in 1954 was bought by the pharmacist Gino Giuseppucci, returning from Tripoli where he emigrated in 1938 from his native Macerata.
The Giuseppucci will work alongside the sale of industrial drugs the preparation of Galenic specialties, art that continue to cultivate with passion, and will leave this historical site only in 1982, while maintaining its ownership.

In January 1983, the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage subjects the place to a protection bond, recognizing its exceptional historical-artistic value and making it a national and national monument.

Even today, the Giuseppucci family, now in its third generation of pharmacists, enhances this place and the galenic and experimental tradition it embodies: in 2010, after careful restoration, the ancient Mazzolini Giuseppucci Pharmacy was reopened to the public as "Museum of Herself" and revives its history in the project of natural cosmetics artisanal 1896 Science and Nature. You can request to make a free visit by reservation at No. 0732-629859.

Moreover, in the ancient Mazzolini Giuseppucci Pharmacy in Fabriano, the will to keep alive the most noble pharmaceutical and herbal tradition is also achieved through the excellence of products on sale: herbal preparations, herbal teas from the unique composition, ointments, galenic preparations and exclusive natural and ecological cosmetics line 1896. Dr. Giovanna Giuseppucci, a pharmacist and researcher, designs and produces every cosmetic in the catalog, combining scientific research with passion in the artisan workshop, typical of the ancient Galenic art. Nothing has been left to chance: the airless bottles have been carefully selected to avoid waste and contamination of the product on contact with air and fingers, the preservatives used are mainly of natural origin and with a very low environmental impact.
Each formulation 1896 consists of unprecedented mixtures of natural extracts of certain effectiveness and the preservative system has been certified and guaranteed by the University of Ferrara, after severe scientific tests. Furthermore, both the individual components and the final product have not been tested on animals.

Farmacia Mazzolini Giuseppucci

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Ancona
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Farmacia Mazzolini Giuseppucci
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