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The imposing Palazzo Gallio, built on a rocky promontory protruding between mountains and lake, dominates the town. Built in 1600 at the behest of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, during the Spanish and French dominations it was used as a hospital and only in the 19th century did it become a private residence. It still retains the typical seventeenth-century spaces and a loggia with spectacular views over the entire branch of Lake Como.

Palazzo Gallio History

Palazzo Gallio is a cardinal's residence located in Gravedona, in the province of Como.

The residence was founded on the site of the ancient castle of the town, which no longer exists, at the behest of the Cardinal and secretary of state to the pontifical throne Ptolemy Gallio, who had the territory of the Tre Pievi in ​​fiefdom by Philip II in 1580. first stone is dated between 1586 and 1587, and its construction is attributed by the historian G. Stampa in his "Historical News" to the magister Giacomo Curti of Gravedona.

The building was completed after 1607, the year of the cardinal's death, who therefore could never live there. Palazzo Gallio passed to the Cardinal's grandchildren, the Dukes of Alvito, but was never used as a real residence: during the French occupation it was used as a hospital, until at the beginning of the 19th century it was sold to private individuals.

Today the building belongs to the Alto Lario Western Mountain Community, a national monument, it is the pride of the municipality of Gravedona and of all Gravedonesi.

The villa is kept with a solid square bulk which in the four corner towers recalls the ancient castle vocation of the place, while in the two loggias open on the facades towards the lake and towards the mountain it is part of the tradition of the Renaissance villas. The rooms are organized around a large central hall. The palace was surrounded by a garden mentioned since 1500 for the rare essences, which currently extends upstream, and is characterized by the presence of numerous camellia trees. Every year, the week before Easter, the "Camellia Exhibition" is held in the Palace and in the garden.

Palazzo Gallio perfectly combines history and art and opens its doors to allow you to celebrate events and weddings at any time of the year. The large party room can be set up in a personalized way and accommodate a large number of guests; the large garden is an ideal location in spring and summer and at the same time allows for a breathtaking view.

Palazzo Gallio

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Como
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Palazzo Gallio
  Via Regina Levante, 2 - 22015 Gravedona
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Palazzo Gallio
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