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The Trumer Brewery, formerly Josef Sigl Brewery, is located in Obertrum am See in the heart of the Salzburg Lake District and was founded in 1601. In 2006 the name was changed to the current name of the company. The Trumer private brewery is an eighth generation family business. Beer has been brewed in Obertrum am See since 1601. Since 1775, the brewery has been owned by the Sigl family and is currently led by the eighth generation owner Josef C. Sigl.

Trumer Privatbrauerei History

On December 22, 1601, Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau granted brewing rights to Obertrum. In 1775, Josef Sigl I, adviser and hops dealer of the Perlesreut market in Passau, bought the tavern and the "Braxatur" in Obertrum in an auction process for the sum of 12,000 florins.

In November 1800 Napoleon's troops marched across the country. A fire destroyed parts of the brewery and the entire harvest. However, Josef Sigl I. was soon able to complete the reconstruction. Josef II. Simone and Giuseppe II. Celestin, the successors of Josef Sigl I., acquired additional properties in Obertrum in 1848. Due to the fundamental relief of the revolutionary year of 1848, many possessions became the only property of the Sigl family. Josef Sigl IV was left a considerable fortune, which he was able to expand.

The family company was modernized in 1909. The brewery and cellar building were erected in the current location of the private Trumer brewery. The brewery was the first building in Obertrum to be equipped with direct current. The family property has been continuously expanded. After the fire on May 21, 1917, Obertrum was in ruins. 1928 Josef Sigl V. dies. In 1937 the business is sold to Josef Sigl VI, who completes his studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Weihenstephan. Towards the end of the Second World War, the command of the American battalion confiscated the brewery and used it as headquarters.

Sigl launched "Hellen Bock" for the first time in 1952. In the following years the brewery was adapted to the latest technical standards. The administrative building, the brewery, the boiler room, the stacking room and the wheat beer cellar have been rebuilt.

 In 1997 the Trumer private brewery developed the first hand-blown beer glasses in the world. The "Slim Stange" has been awarded the most beautiful beer glass in the world and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

In 2006 the new fermentation cellar was opened, where the patented open fermentation takes place. Trumer also won the World Beer Cup in the "Best German Style Pilsener" category and again the European Beer Star in the "Pils after German brewing" category.

In 2012 Trumer Privatbrauerei was the first Austrian brewery to undergo the rigorous certification of "slow beer production" and was awarded the seal of approval for slow beer production every year.

In 2013 Josef Sigl VII entrusted the management of the brewery to his son Josef C. Sigl, who is now the eighth generation to manage the family business.

Trumer Privatbrauerei

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Austria, Salzburg
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Trumer Privatbrauerei
  Brauhausgasse, 2 - 5162 Obertrum am See
  +43 6219 7411

Trumer Privatbrauerei
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