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A very noble and ancient family, boasting descent from the Roman Aretia. A Giacomo was protonotaro of the kingdom of Sicily under the martinis, a Francesco, soldier, bought for 150 gold ounces from Paolo Capobianco in 1392 the fief of Cardinal, who came to 11 July 1418 confirmed to Giovanni his son, and that abolition of feudalism was still in power of the family, finding it invested Giuseppe Arezzo and Grimaldi Duke of San Filippo etc. to 2 July 1809. Possessed also this family the fiefs of Benali, S. Giuliano, Catalimita and S. Andrea, Targia, Monte, Fiunefreddo, Trefiletti, S. Giuseppe, Spalla, Gisira di Pagano, Crucifia, S. Biagio, Lo Mastro , Serre, Donnafugata etc., some of which still preserved in the family to the abolition of feudalism and perhaps still today are preserved. We can not, by the limit of labor, speak of all the branches of this illustrious family, and therefore of all the members of it, as the virtues of them would give right; but we can not keep silent about that Horace; Colonel of the Regiment R. Farnese who took not a small part in the battle of Velletri in 1742, and then passed to the rank of Brigadier General took part in the fights occurred for the repurchase of the duchies of Parma and Piacenza obtaining, with ticket given in Naples to March 23 performed on May 18, 1748, for himself and his the title of Marquis. He was a chamber gentleman, captain general of the armies of the Two Sicilies, knight of San Gennaro, prime minister of the supreme war advisory junta, supreme prefect of the city of Naples, etc., husband of the Irish noblewoman Maria Fitzgerald and Bronne of the dukes of Linstein father, among the other sons, of Thomas, cardinal of S. Romana Chiesa, much appreciated by King Ferdinando, who with a confidential letter dated 18 November 1823 offered him the office of Lieutenant General in Sicily, charged by the unaccepted Thomas, and of Joseph . He was a gentleman of room with an exercise, knight of the orders of Malta and of San Gennaro, administrator of the R. Casa in Palarmo, etc., he married the noble woman Agnese of the Grimaldi princes, from whom she had no offspring, and secondly noble Agate Arezzo of the barons of Trefiletti who made him father of Horace, Concetta wife of the baron Domenico Arezzo and Maria wife of the noble Carmelo Arezzo. Orazio Arezzo and Arezzo, Marquis Arezzo, formerly a chamber gentleman with the exercise of King Ferdinand II and King Francis II, married Emmanuela-Maria-Eugenia Landolina and Benintendi of Francesco-Rotlando, Prince of Torrebruna, on 28 April 1869 and is the father of: Giuseppe ; Francesco husband of the noble Flavia Airoldi and Di Napoli of Cesare, duke of Cruillas; Emmanuel; Peter; Corrado; Agata and Michela. Francesco Arezzo and Landolina, by his noble wife Flavia Airoldi, had, until today, a son in the name of Orazio. This family has passed many times to the order of Malta to begin from 1626 in person of a Blasco, founder of the commandery of Ragusa.

Emblem: A crest split in gold and blue, four hedgehogs from each other, 2 on the head and 2 on the tip. Marquis's Crown. Currency: Bene Merentibus.

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Antica Locanda del Golf

 Contrada Torre Piombo - 50122 Donnafugata - Ragusa

Located in the Archaeological Park of the ancient Greek city of Kamarina, Antica Locanda del Golf is surrounded by 2 18-hole golf courses. A resort that boasts a year-round outdoor pool, a... see

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Golf, Hotel, Location for Ceremonies and Conferences, Restaurant, Swimming pool

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Italy, Ragusa