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The Anton Karg Haus, Neue Hinterbärenbad refuge, is a hut of the Alpine club belonging to the Kufstein section of the Austrian Alpine Club located at an altitude of 1,200m in the Kaisergebirge mountains in the district of Tyrol. the hut is named after the co-founder of the Kufstein section, Anton Karg, who was the manager of the structure from 1888 and, from 1890 to 1919, the president of the Kufstein branch of the Alpine Club.

Anton Karg Haus History

The Anton Karg Haus is located in the upper region of the Kaisertal valley at a point where the Kaiserbach stream is known as Hinterbärenbad. The building is located in an environment dominated by tranquility with breathtaking views of both the Wilder Kaiser and the Zahmer Kaiser in the middle of the Wilder Kaiser nature reserve. Easily accessible for hikers, it is a popular destination, especially in good weather, to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

The path to the hut is considered particularly scenic, as the light limestone rocks of the Kaisergebirge open more and more as they advance and the hiker literally walks on the mountains.

Anton Karg Haus has a long history: in 1882 the municipality of Kufstein lent an alpine hut to the Kufstein branch which, following a renovation, was opened as a Hinterbärenbad refuge on 25 July 1883. After further expansion in 1884 the building, together with a second newly built wooden one, was transferred to the full ownership of the Kufstein branch. After the construction of a veranda and the conversion of the second building into sleeping accommodation, the Hinterbärenbad hut was opened for guests from 1887. In the winter months of 1894/95 the new Hinterbärenbad hut was built, which was opened in the spring of 1895. The unusually spacious rooms, some with balconies, date back to this period. The particularly spacious rooms for a refuge, some even with a private balcony, date back to that period.

The Anton Karg Haus is located in a particularly beautiful spot on the Kaiserbach stream, the Hinterbärenbad. According to the local tradition, brown bears, previously spread throughout the Alpine region, cooled off here on hot summer days cooling off in the cool waters of the streams.

Anton Karg Haus

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Kufstein
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Anton Karg Haus
  Kaisertal, 2 - 6330 Kufstein

Anton Karg Haus
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