Baglio della Luna

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The Baglio della Luna hotel overlooks the Valley of the Temples in an enchanting setting not far from Agrigento. A meticulous restoration work has brought back the splendor of the structure of the thirteenth century, which in addition to the guesthouse houses the restaurant Dehors, reported in the most important food and wine magazines for its cuisine rich in Sicilian culinary tradition.

Baglio della Luna History

Looking from the magical valley of the Temples to the south-east, suddenly appears an oasis of palm trees and Mediterranean scrub with an ancient fortress in the center: it is the Baglio della Luna, a name that alone evokes sensations and exotic images , strengthened by the sound of the distant sea and the scent of the citrus trees that surround it.

It is an original construction, made up of a tower from the end of the 13th century, a defensive and anti-Saracen sighting system dating back to 1555, a large courtyard (called baglio) and a guesthouse. Here the rooms are happy accommodation, furnished in traditional Sicilian style with the inclusion of some antiques. In the tower, which enjoys warmer and more refined settings, there are the suites of the house, furnished with antiques. And again, the bar, the living room, "dressed" by a splendid Gobelin tapestry and the gallery, the pride of the hotel: it is a remarkable collection of paintings from the Sicilian and Neapolitan school of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which have only subject the city of Agrigento.

Many different points of view, subjective ways to reproduce a landscape that has truly "bewitched" great writers and artists in the golden age of the Grand Tour, from the passion for archeology and ancient history, who loved to narrate or portray in works between the greatest of the past. Today, for the luck of the guests of the Baglio, just look out from one of the terraces of the garden or dine in the panoramic restaurant to enjoy a show that for more than two thousand years has never ceased to enchant.

Baglio della Luna

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Agrigento
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Baglio della Luna
  Via Serafino Amabile Guastella, 1 - 92100 Agrigento
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Baglio della Luna
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