Castello dei Signori di Avise

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The Castle of the Lords of Avise located in the village of Avise a few kilometers from the ski resort of Courmayeur Mont-Blanc in Valle d'Aosta is still today in a good state of conservation. Casaforte built in 1492 by Bonifacio d'Avise, one of the representatives of one of the oldest families of the Duchy of Savoy. Today it hosts a wine shop, a restaurant and a suite.

Castello dei Signori di Avise History

Built by Bonifacio d'Avise in 1492, today it is home to the "Signori di Avise" wine shop and the "La Chiave del gusto" restaurant in a unique and history-filled setting.

The façade is dotted with remarkable 16th century twin windows, often made with antique stone inserts. The entrance door of the tower is dominated by the carved family crests and the motto "Qui tost Avise tard se repent".
Throughout the castle the various construction phases and the changes that have occurred over the centuries are clearly legible: some passages have been walled up, while windows have been inserted over time to give more light to the rooms, in harmony with the changed nobiliary uses.

Inside the castle there are in particular the large room with the fireplace, the furniture that housed a rich collection of pewter, the "room of the safe", the "room of the shelves", known for the fourteen wooden shelves carved with figures of characters in fifteenth-century robes, animals and monsters (to which we were inspired to make the dragon of the enoteca's logo), and the frescoes.

On the ground floor the large room with the fireplace houses the wine bar in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Upstairs the restaurant that develops between the "room of the shelves" and the "room of the safe".
The traces of different architectural phases in the structure of the castle (walled doors, insertions of windows and walls), as well as the presence of ancient stone elements (architraves, window frames), fragments of paintings, decorations, graffiti, testify to the richness of its history.

On the first floor, in one of the old rooms of this manor, have been created spaces in which a suite has been created; served by the spiral stone staircase that rises from inside the heart of this ancient castle has been set up a cozy alcove that can accommodate you making you live unique emotions.

Furnished with taste  it offers 32 square meters, a sleeping area, a living room, a walk-in closet, separate bathrooms and a bio-sauna in Swiss pine.

It's a must to stop at the Castle of the Lords of Avise on the way back from a day of skiing at Courmayeur Mont-Blanc, or when you arrive in Valdigne in the upper Valle d'Aosta, for an aperitif at the enoteca with the best choice of wines from the Alps or for a dinner at the restaurant in a wonderful timeless historical setting.

Castello dei Signori di Avise

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Aosta
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Castello dei Signori di Avise
  Avise, 16 - 11100 Avise
  +39 333 6849160

Castello dei Signori di Avise
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