Castello di Paderna

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The Castle of Paderna, already existing in 817, today is a private residence and home to an organic farm. It has exhibition and convention rooms for 100 to 300 people, weddings and gala dinners in rooms up to 250 people each, up to 800 outdoors.

Castello di Paderna History

The Castle of Paderna is located in the province of Piacenza, in the town of Pontenure and has ancient origins, so much so that the first news on the building show the date 1 December 817.

It underwent heavy destruction in 1216 due to the Pavia and Parma area and in 1247 by the troops of the emperor Federico II to repair the abbots in 1280 to reconstruct and raise the tower.

The Castle was ceded in 1453 by the monks of San Savino to the noble family of the Marazzani da Rimini who maintained possession over the centuries to come up to the current owners Pettorelli, their direct descendants.

Just in 1400 the complex assumed the current conformation of an elegant fortress with a square shape, almost trapezoidal, oriented approximately according to the cardinal points; the four sides are then surrounded by a wide moat that still partially conserves the water. The structure is divided into two sectors separated by a wall: the one to the south with a large square with the attached barns, stables, arcades and houses of the laborers, the other to the north in turn divided into two courts; in the first one there are the stately residence, the well, the tower and the other dwellings, while in the other there is the chapel and the building through which one can access the large rear garden.

Elements of significant historical and artistic interest are: the entrance tower, square and entirely of brick and equipped with a double drawbridge, the "tower in the water", built in the moat and also square, which has the characteristics of the tower teacher with sighting and developed on four floors and finally the church of S. Maria, part of the oldest part of the structure and later incorporated into the noble residence.

Today the castle, which has become a manor house, is home to an organic farm, with a vegetable garden and orchards and the headquarters of the prestigious "Frutti Antichi" event, linked to the cultivation and preservation of the plant heritage.

In the suggestive and elegant rooms of the Castle it is possible to organize banquets and receptions and, thanks to the presence of the internal church, also the ceremony itself.

Castello di Paderna

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Piacenza
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Castello di Paderna
  Strada Paderna Montanaro, 10 - 29010 Paderna
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Castello di Paderna
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