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The Castle of Salorno, in German Haderburg, rises above a rocky spur above the homonymous village Salorno in the Bassa Atesina. Among the most important monuments of the region, it is an unmissable destination for lovers of medieval architecture and medieval archeology, offering also the possibility of delicious snacks at the inn located in the main courtyard.

Castello di Salorno History

The Castle of Salorno was built according to the most reliable sources around the first half of the thirteenth century by the Counts of Salorno from which the castle takes its name. Later the manor passed into the hands of Count Mainardo II of Tyrol and in the fourteenth century to the House of Habsburg. The Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg in 1514 had some strategic changes made to the structure, extending it and building fortifications on the side of the mountain. Over the following decades, however, Hadeburg progressively lost its defensive and strategic function and became so uninhabited. With abandonment, the building suffered a slow deterioration, which only recently came to a halt by a restoration commissioned by the last owner, Baron Ernesto Rubin de Cervin Albrizzi, who failed in 2013.

In the course of its centuries-old history, the castle has hosted illustrious figures among its walls, among which Melantone, one of the closest collaborators of Martin Luther, and the German painter Albrecht Dürer and his beauty has also impressed the famous brothers Grimm, who set their own history of the "Deutsche Sagen" collection right here.

Since 2003 the castle, after the careful and scrupulous restoration work in which the "Path of visions" was also built, a forest road access to the manor of about 900 meters in length, has reopened to the public in all its splendor .

The castle is one of the unmissable destinations for lovers of medieval archeology and within its walls it often hosts events and manifestations of an artistic, literary and popular character, returning to being, after more than 450 years of life, an active pole of Salorno.

The castle inn also offers visitors simple and seasonal dishes and upon reservation it is possible to spend an evening in the style of the ancient knights with the "medieval banquet" during which to savor dishes of ancient taste in an atmosphere to say the least suggestive.

Castello di Salorno

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Bolzano
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Castello di Salorno
  Via Trento, 53/C - 39040 Salorno
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Castello di Salorno
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