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The Giusti palace and garden are located in the street of the same name in Verona, a green oasis in the heart of the city a few minutes from the arena where you can admire or flower collections, Roman artifacts and a majestic avenue of cypress trees, fountains, acoustic caves and a maze of hedges among the oldest in Europe. A relaxing corner of Verona that induces meditation between nature, history and art that culminates in a splendid belvedere overlooking the city.

Giardino Giusti History

Towards the end of 1200 the Giusti family moved from Tuscany to Verona to develop the wool dyeing industry, the first source of wealth of the city. In 1406 Provolo Giusti bought an area contiguous to the ancient Via Postumia, and in this area, along the ancient city walls, the Giusti family for two centuries used the spaces of the present garden to boil the cauldrons in which the wool was treated and to hang clothes to dry.

In the second half of the sixteenth century, Count Agostino Giusti converted what was originally a productive settlement into a palace of representation, completed by a typical Tuscan Renaissance garden with box trees, cypresses, fountains and caves, according to the fashion of the time.  

With the spread of the Grand Tour in Europe, the Giusti Garden soon became a must for all the great travelers passing through Verona, including poets, artists and crowned heads such as Mozart, Gorthe, Ruskin, Cosimo III, Emperor Joseph II and Tsar Alexander of Russia.

The Garden is still maintained in the old style, with the simplicity of the gardens of the past that privileged architecture, mythology and links with the classical world, with few flowers and exotic trees. You can therefore admire all the elements that were fashionable in Renaissance gardens: vases with citrus fruits, mythological statues, fountains, cedar grottoes, Roman remains and pavilions to stop and let the view sweep over the landscape.

Giusti Garden welcomes its guests by organizing events that enhance its past and are remembered in the future, such as conferences, events, gala dinners, concerts.

Giardino Giusti

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Verona
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Giardino Giusti
  Via Giardino Giusti, 2 - 37129 Verona
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Giardino Giusti
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