Villa Rizzardi – Giardino di Pojega

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Villa Rizzardi is a Venetian villa dating back to the late eighteenth century located in the municipality of Negrar, in Valpolicella, in the province of Verona. From the avenues to different altitudes there are enchanting viewpoints on the estate, you can discover the picturesque theater of greenery, the largest in Italy meeting place and shows, the temple of stalactites, the citrus garden with two lemon houses, a beautiful nymphaeum and there is also a secret garden.

Villa Rizzardi – Giardino di Pojega History

The Pojega estate was purchased by the Conti Rizzardi and the construction of the garden was commissioned in 1783 by Antonio Rizzardi to Luigi Trezza, representing commissioned in 1783 by Antonio Rizzardi (1742-1808) to Luigi Trezza (1752-1823), representing one of the last examples of Italian garden, known for its green theater and spectacular views. With its 54,000 square meters where temple, theater, walls, galleries and lookouts stand, a phantasmagorical machine was created for the show, transforming and bending trees, hedges and water. The villa was renovated around 1850, with references to the Venetian Renaissance style designed by the architect Filippo Messedaglia.

A small temple with statues of Hercules, Diana and other characters from Greek mythology, is enclosed in cypress trees, hornbeam and then. Other magnificent scenery is offered by the citrus garden, a secret corner closed by a beautiful nymphaeum, as well as the round of the fountain, a circular green area with a central basin of water. To discover and contemplate are still the flower garden, the green roundabout, the hornbeam gallery, the cypress alley, up to the spectacular "Teatro di verzura".
This particular theater is one of the widest examples of Italy, with seven orders of boxwood and cypress stands and a sequence of niches, created in the hornbeam, to house the statues of the various mythological figures dedicated to comedy and tragedy. A true Greek-inspired theater that still today, during the summer season, hosts performances and shows and offers priceless frames for weddings, conventions and special events.

Today's Azienda Agricola Guerrieri Rizzardi takes its name from two ancient Veronese families: the Warriors of Bardolino and the Rizzardi di Negrar. The Rizzardi family has 300 years of viticulture behind it and offers its visitors in the cellars of Bardolino, a tasting of the company's own wines and olive oil in the eighteenth-century greenhouses.

Villa Rizzardi – Giardino di Pojega

Time period
  • 1700s
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Verona
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Villa Rizzardi – Giardino di Pojega
  Villa Rizzardi, - 37204 Negrar
  +39 347 31 21 466

Villa Rizzardi – Giardino di Pojega
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