Ristorante la Grotta

Via di S. Biagio, 15 - 53045 Montepulciano - Siena   see map - Contact
La Grotta Restaurant is located in front of the Temple of San Biagio, inside a 16th century building, a rustic-elegant restaurant, with a nice summer service in the garden. The cuisine is Tuscan, wisely revisited accompanied by an extensive wine list, to be savored in a comfortable environment, with a staff full of attention to the customer.

Ristorante la Grotta History

La Grotta Restaurant welcomes you in an authentic and evocative sixteenth-century setting, in front of the Temple of S. Biagio, one of the greatest expressions of Renaissance Tuscany which you can enjoy the view even while eating in the delightful back garden.
La Grotta has always been looking for the perfect balance between the Tuscan tradition and the new gastronomic suggestions, trying to combine the identity of the territory with culinary inventions; with its menu and its style, it collects the heritage of the local food and wine culture and broadens its boundaries, to leave its mark, seducing the palate and creating new taste experiences.

The dishes of the Grotto tell a journey that explores ingredients, traditions and seasons: a place of flavors where the senses are continually stimulated.

Our Chefs rely on the quality and research of ingredients rather than on the complexity of preparation. With a wide selection of local and international labels at the height of the Poliziano territory, you will be guided on a journey that involves all the senses.

Ristorante la Grotta

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Siena
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Ristorante la Grotta
  Via di S. Biagio, 15 - 53045 Montepulciano
  +39 0578 757479

Ristorante la Grotta
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