Stiftsbäckerei St Peter

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The Stiftsbäckerei St. Peter stands for over 700 years of bakery business in the center of the old town of Salzburg. The production of black bread with natural yeast and a wood oven is still the center of attention today. Authenticity and longevity are the company's core criteria: rye flour directly from its own stone mill, wheat flour from Stifts and Salzachmühle, wood from the woods of the Abbey of St. Peter, the energy of the Almkanal. bakery are one.

Stiftsbäckerei St Peter History

It can be assumed that the monks of San Pietro have been baking bread since the foundation of the monastery. However, the year 1160 represents a milestone: since that time the water has been channeled from the Almkanal through a tunnel through the Mönchsberg hill, making it possible to build a wheel mill for grinding grain. This marks the start of the monastery mill and bakery next to the St. Peter's cemetery. A mill existed until 1967 at the rear and top of the building.

An original wood-fired oven is still used to bake pure natural sourdough bread hugely popular with regulars who can see the actual processing of the bread as they shop for products.

Stiftsbäckerei St Peter

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Salzburg
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Stiftsbäckerei St Peter
  Kapitelplatz, 8 - 5020 Salzburg
  +43 662 847898

Stiftsbäckerei St Peter
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