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The Zipfer Bierhaus in Salzburg is the last and real inn left in the city center. The property has been able to defy the modern 'destructive thrust' of the 20th century by offering authentic traditional pub culture and specialty-based dining.

Zipfer Bierhaus History

Since 1823 the structure, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, has been a gastronomic abode for everyone; and since 1907 it is known as Zipfer Bierhaus. The Zipfer Bierhaus is therefore one of the oldest inns in the center of Salzburg.

It was built around 1300 and originally consisted of two buildings, which were joined in 1407. The courtyard of the two houses was once the place where the kitchen is today.
The first owners were Gottfried Flußhart and Chunrat von Chuchel. At that time, the Abbey of San Pietro held the castle rights over the two houses in what was then Pfarrgasse.

In 1763, Professor Dr. Philipp Steinhauser von Treuberg bought the house for 6,000 florins. Since 1775 it has therefore been known as the "Steinhauserhaus". The famous Salzburg historian, the court attorney Judas Thaddäus Zauner and the personal physician of the prince archbishop, Dr. Josef Brisani. He bought the house around 1800.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's beloved sister Nannerl, widowed baroness von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, lived in this historic mansion from 28 October 1801 until her death on 29 October 1829.

As early as 1823, Mrs. Franziska Augustini set up a café with the entrance to the Universitätsplatz, which was bought by Simon Lobmayer in 1840 and operated as Cafe'Lobmayer.

Heinrich Enders bought the house in 1874, but had been running Cafe Lobmayer since 1870, for which he was licensed to serve beer, wine and schnapps in 1876.

Erich Schenk, a musicologist and well-known Mozart researcher, was born on 5 May 1902 in the venerable Steinhauserhaus in the immediate vicinity of Mozart - the birthplace of Genius is just a few doors away.

Ever since the Upper Austrian Zipf (Zipfer Bier) Brewery bought the house in 1907, the building has since been called Zipfer Bierhaus. In 1928 the Zipfer Bierhaus was redesigned by the architect Otto Strohmayer and the sculptor Jakob Adlhart.

Reinhold Schwarz, Robert Schwarz's father, took over the inn in 1977 as a tenant. In 2004 the company changed into a GmbH and since 2006 Zipfer Bierhaus has been managed by his son.

The Zipfer Bierhaus stands for simple quality, good Austrian cuisine and offers a wide range of beers. In fine weather there is also an outdoor dining area, from which you can watch the bustle of the market on Universitätsplatz.

Zipfer Bierhaus

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Salzburg
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Zipfer Bierhaus
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