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On the top of a hill in the surroundings of Potenza Picenza rises Villa Buonaccorsi, a splendid villa of the 18th's century which was the summer residence of a powerful family of Macerata. Fascinating and suggestive are undoubtedly the interiors of the villa, which are developed in sumptu's decorated halls. But the peculiar aspect of this villa is undoubtedly the Garden Park. The gardens of the villa are divided into five terraces of different styles connected by a staircase. You can treat yourself to an afternoon of almost fairy-tale flavor strolling among rare plants, the fragrant lemon house, fountains and water features, niches and obelisks. In the garden there are also a small theater with automated puppets and a small church. During the summer the villa also hosts theatrical and musical performances. Around the park there is also an English wood that gives a further atmosphere of peace and serenity to these places.

Villa Buonaccorsi History

The villa of the Buonaccorsi counts rises on the top of the hill called Montesanto, not far from the historical center of Potenza Picena. Original structure of the XVI century, it was built on the ruins of a previous settlement by Count Raimondo Buonaccorsi, who conceived it as the country residence of the noble family.

The peculiar aspect of this villa is undoubtedly the Garden Park, known throughout the world as a shining example of Italian garden magnificently preserved. Already the famous garden scholar, the English Georgina Masson, during one of her visits in the middle of the last century, wrote about how "Buonaccorsi garden is the perfect example of the Garden of the Marches and, thanks to the loving care of its owners, it has survived in excellent conditions, to show us how the others should look like".
The park, facing south-east and sloping down the side of the hill towards the valley of the torrent Asola, is articulated in five main terraces that descend the hill and in two further intermediate levels, all connected by a large noteworthy central sta in the middle.

Along the terraces are abundant paths of laurel hedges, fishponds and geometric flowerbeds in the shape of stars or lozenges, full of numerous varieties of flowers very well cared for.
In the first terrace we find the "secret garden" and the "cave of the monks". The second terrace contains formal flowerbeds with statues representing Harlequin and Pulcinella. The third terrace is characterized by a statue of the goddess Flora placed in a niche. In the fourth terrace there are other flowerbeds while, around 1860, was added a terrace adorned with beautiful yews. The fifth terrace is marked by long and high parallel wings of evergreens, especially laurel.

In the garden, decorated with niches, obelisks and mythological statues, originally from the Vicentine Marinali's workshop, there are also fountains, water games, two grottoes, flowerbeds still with their original structure, citrus trees and secular and rare plants.

Villa Buonaccorsi

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Italy, Macerata
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Villa Buonaccorsi
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Villa Buonaccorsi
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