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The Schrems brewery is a brewery in Schrems in the Waldviertel of Lower Austria. First mentioned in 1410, the brewery has been owned by Karl Theodor Trojan since 1991.

Brauerei Schrems History

The Schrems brewery was first mentioned in a document from 1410 when a fire broke out in Schrems which spared only this structure. In 1753, the then owner, Reichsgraf von Falkenhayn, transferred the brewery to Blasius Freyler for an amount of 950 florins. The subsequent change of ownership took place in 1764. At this point Johann Anderl bought the brewery for 1300 florins, which he then transferred to his son Johann Georg. In 1838 Wolfgang Wagner bought the brewery for 4,500 florins. The latter later sold them to Jokob Trojan for 10,200 guilders. At this point, the brewery came into the possession of the Trojan family for the first time. His son Theodor Trojan took over in 1875 as successor and built a new storage cellar for the brewery.

The brewery was modernized in the period from 1904 to 1906 and finally put back into operation in 1906. The old buildings had had their time, which is why they were abandoned. The following year, his son Karl Theodor Trojan took over the brewery, which led him through two world wars and an economic crisis. The war-torn brewery was taken over by Karl Johann Trojan in 1957 and transformed into an efficient business. Karl Theodor Trojan has been running the company since 1991.

In 2010 the brewery celebrated its 600th anniversary.

Brauerei Schrems

Time period
  • 1400s
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Brauerei Schrems
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Brauerei Schrems
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