Schloss Schiltern

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The Schiltern castle is an imposing complex built at the turn of the 16th and 18th centuries, with four round towers. It is located in Schiltern, a cadastral municipality of Langenlois in Lower Austria and is a historic building

Schloss Schiltern History

Around 1596, Erasmus Leisser expanded the manor on the western outskirts of the north wing of the present complex. Between 1629 and 1636 the west and south wings were cultivated. In 1645 the castle was looted and devastated by Swedish troops. Around 1740, the castle was largely baroque.

The Schad family made the neighboring Burg Kronsegg of power and left Schiltern castle. When Kronsegg was no longer up to the high housing demands, Karl Freiherr von Hackelberg, who was now the owner of the estate, returned to Schiltern and moved into the newly built castle, which was looted and devastated by Swedish troops shortly after his completed in 1645. 1663 was the fief of the brothers Johann, Ehrenreich and Ferdinand von Geymann, who repaired the damage of the Thirty Years War.

After Schiltern became sovereign again, Johann Graf Fuchs appears as an owner and in 1856 Karl Wolfgang Graf Aichelburg bought the rule as a free property.

The town of Langenlois purchased the castle in 1928 after the death of the last member of the Aichelburg family, but a year later he was transferred to the Krems Institute of English Mademoiselle, which established a school and a college in the building.

The German Reich confiscated the building in 1938 and handed it over to the SA two years later. After the Second World War, the castle was occupied only briefly by Soviet troops, so that the Order was able to resume school education in 1947. However, the castle was in very poor condition, which required a major renovation. John Schleifer, who had emigrated as unemployed from the Waldviertel after the First World War in America and had made a career as director of Chrysler factories, took on the considerable cost of the renovation.

The majestic two-story building with three wings on the western outskirts of the sixteenth century was later modified several times. For example, some buildings were demolished during the 1989/90 reconstruction. The two suggestive round corner towers, which only slightly dominate the roofs of the roofs, have baroque onion domes covered with shingles. The north facade with nine axes, aligned with the local road, is structured by baroque window roofs, filling areas and a circumferential frame.

Since 1987 the castle belongs to the psychosocial center Schiltern GmbH, which takes care of the mentally disabled.

Schloss Schiltern

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Krems
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Schloss Schiltern
  Obere Strasse, 45 - 3553 Schiltern

Schloss Schiltern
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