Schloss Hollenburg

Obere Hollenburger Hauptstraße, 14 - 3506 Hollenburg - Krems   see map - Contact
Hollenburg Castle is a group of buildings of historical and cultural interest in the Hollenburg district of Krems.

Schloss Hollenburg History

In 1811, the banker and later Baron Johann Jakob von Geymüller acquired the Hollenburg government from the Imperial Camera Fund. He had the present castle built on this land between 1812 and 1814. This castle has remained the property of the family until today with the current owner Rudolf Geymüller.

On the western outskirts of the Hollenburg district, the castle is located on the main road, the group of buildings extending on both sides of the road. When the new building began in 1812, the old Freisinger Pflegehof was on the north side of the road, which is why the first buildings were built on the south side of the road. In the course of the construction of this, an official street building and two two-story building parts with a one-story central section in the middle were created. Behind them a courtyard has been prepared to the south-east and south-west; the latter is closed by another building to the south. After the demolition of the courtyard on the north side of the street, the three-story residential building with nine window boards on the street side was built. On the first floor it is connected to a two-storey outbuilding by a covered passage. Behind the castle there is a large park with a special garden pavilion

Schloss Hollenburg

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Krems
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Schloss Hollenburg
  Obere Hollenburger Hauptstraße, 14 - 3506 Hollenburg
  +43 2739 2229

Schloss Hollenburg
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